Aduro Aurum — People:

Princeps - 'Leader'; this title is used to refer to the ruler of Aduro Aurum.

Princeps Exinde - 'Next leader'; the offspring of the current princeps; a prince(ss).

Rector - Meaning 'guide' or 'master,' this title is used for the head priest of Aduro Aurum. The rector controls the temple, and it's a widely acknowledged fact that the temple controls the city. As a result, some believe the rector is the most powerful individual in all of Aduro Aurum, with authority even above that of the princeps. After all, it is the rector who is a holy man.

Ductor - 'General.' The ductor commands the city's troops, soldiers and royal guards alike. It is his responsibility to lead them in times of war; the princeps may also do this, but it is the ductor who is specifically trained for such things.

Primus - 'Chief.' Serving directly beneath the ductor, the primus is a person of prestige. He commands the city's elite phalanx of guards and may fill in for the ductor if ever needed to do so.

Tertius - 'Third.' The tertii serve beneath the primus; there are four of them, and they lead the other phalanxes of the city. While this is undoubtedly an important position, the tertii may change frequently, especially during wartime, as they fight alongside their warriors.

Aduro Aurum — Places:

Aduro Aurum - Roughly translates to 'gold light.' The city is named as such for the yellow rock that it was built from. Often, it does look like it is made out of very rough gold.

Aureus Basilica - 'Golden building.' Like any other in Aduro Aurum, the Aureus Basilica is constructed from yellow stone. It is a massive structure, housing the princeps and many nobles, along with their servants; it could well be considered a palace, and is one of the most important buildings in the city.

Sanctus Basilica - 'Holy building.' This is the temple, where faithful come to pay homage to Akasha. It is smaller than the Aureus Basilica, but still of considerable size; it houses the rector and his subordinate priests, as well as being a shrine to the goddess.

Viridis Arbor - Aduro Aurum is far more lush than it has any right to be, as magic ensures that a great many plants grow within its walls. The Viridis Arbor, however, is truly a display of the power that is fed into the city every day of the year. A sprawling public garden, its name means 'green tree,' and that is certainly a good description of the place.

Via Valde - 'Great road.' The Via Valde is the largest thoroughfare in Aduro Aurum, leading to both the Aureus Basilica and Sanctus Basilica. It is also named for the city's first ductor, Valde, who subsequent ductors have often been descendants of.

Aduro Aurum — Things:

Aureus - The currency of the city. Like the Aureus Basilica, it means 'gold,' and the aureus is indeed a simple gold coin.

Aurei - The plural of aureus.

Aequitas — People:

Imperator - 'Emperor.' Also known as the Aequitatis Imperatem during formal introductions. For example: "I am the Aequitatis Imperatem." "He is the Aequitatis Imperatem." The imperator is the greatest authority in Aequitas; in fact, the imperator is the /only/ official authority in Aequitas. He may consider the council of his elders and peers, but he is the only one that they feel has any need of some elaborate title; there is no deception in their hierarchy.

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