Playable Species

Virtually any species of animal is available to be played on Aetherius, including some that are recently extinct—for example, the Caspian Tiger, which has been extinct since the 1970s. Prehistoric mammals, such as sabretooth tigers and dire wolves, will also be allowed.

However, mythological creatures are native to Terra de Nubis, which is very, very far away from the island that the game is set on. Therefore, they will only be allowed under special application—if you want to play a dragon or gryphon, be prepared to give a good reason for it. Dinosaurs are disallowed altogether; Mara isn't large enough to support a population of brachiosauruses and marauding t-rexes.

As a note: while we do accept hybrids and unusually colored animals (albino, melanistic, and white, for example), we do require a slightly more strenuous application for them. White tigers, especially, fall into this category; they resemble the goddess Akasha and are therefore treated similarly to innate magic users, at least by the temple. Hybrids are only acceptable so long as the parents are both in the same genetic family: a hyena couldn't mate with a wolf and produce offspring, for example, but a cougar and a cheetah could, even though such is scientifically impossible in real life.

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