General Rules

1. First and foremost, everyone is here to have fun. Therefore, the golden rule of 'treat others as you wish to be treated' applies. Harassment will not be tolerated by ANYONE, players and staff alike. We're all people here, so keep that in mind. If there's someone you don't get along with, either talk it out or simply avoid interacting with that person rather than antagonising them.

The Oxford dictionary defines harassment as 'torment (someone) by subjecting them to constant interference or intimidation. 2 make repeated small-scale attacks on (an enemy) in order to wear down resistance.' It should go without saying that this is not the kind of environment we want for our MUCK, but unfortunately things happen. People have disagreements, over either IC or OOC matters, and turn them into all-out feuds.

If you feel that you've been a victim of harassment, either by a staff member or fellow player, please contact an uninvolved member of staff to mediate!

2. As of this moment, there is no limit as to how many characters you can play. However, please don't take more than you can handle. Everyone has a different threshold; some can keep up with playing many characters at once, while others do best with only a few. Know your personal limit. Especially refrain from applying for a feature character if you can't devote adequate time to playing it.

3. Please request all characters from your 'main' character—this is the one you got when you first came to the MUCK. It's much easier to keep track of alternates if you do this, as they're assigned automatically upon character creation and it keeps the wizlogs nice and tidy. We won't bite your head off if you don't request from your main character, but please DO NOT log on as a guest to request alternates, as then your character list will not be updated at all. Thank you for your consideration. :)

4. The game's rating is R, as there may be some level of descriptive violence, harsh language, and general mature themes. Do not abuse this; Aetherius is not a sex MUCK. If you must TS, take it to private and know who you're doing it with and what age they are. If it is discovered that someone is engaging in TS with a minor, both parties will be banned from the game; if someone is found to be making inappropriate or explicit comments on public venues, that individual will be banned from the game. Staff are trusting you, the players, to use your discretion on this topic. Don't break that trust.

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