Guidelines for Roleplaying on Aetherius

1. Aetherius is a consent-based MUCK. In a nutshell, this means that nobody can kill your character without your express permission—and nor can /you/ kill another character without first obtaining permission. Consent is a two-way street.

2. Powergaming is strictly forbidden. Yes, our theme is heavy on magic, but that doesn't mean you can make a Super Sayajin wolf and have him start nuking the grid from above. Respect one another! Nobody's character is going to be 100% perfect. You cannot have a city guard who is a master sculptor and accomplished healer, as well as being an invulnerable warrior, all at the tender age of adolescence. Please, just…don't try.

3. In the interests of keeping everything consistent, the standard for poses is third person, present tense.

4. Everyone misspells words occasionally. However, please refrain from netspeak—typing 'you' in full only takes two extra letters, and it shows your fellow players that you respect them enough to put some effort into your writing.

5. We don't enforce any one roleplaying method, beyond those guidelines; it would be ridiculous to demand that players adhere to a specific pose length and writing style. Pose two lines, pose twenty—just please give your fellow RPers something to go off of, so that they aren't left scrambling to come up with a response to 'Joebob smiles.'

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