Powers List


Those with the power to heal can close wounds and mend broken bones in a matter of minutes. Weaker magic users might only be capable of healing minor cuts and scrapes, while the very powerful possess the ability to treat almost anything, even injuries that would usually be fatal.

Temporal Displacement

Much like 'bullet time,' users of temporal displacement are able to alter their own perception of time. This can be especially advantageous during hunts or battles, when it's helpful to see things in slow motion.


The power of metal is a versatile one; it is in part related to the Earth element, and those who have been endowed with this power can indeed control some kinds of stone, such as those with a high iron content. They can sense veins of metal under the earth, and even pull it up to the surface in some cases. Additionally, some users of this power can manipulate metal within their own bodies, creating extensions of metal from themselves—spines or claws, for example. In general, metal users tend to have a specific field that they are best at; those who can form extensions of it from themselves might join the guard or perhaps a hunting party, while those who can manipulate it are in high demand as artisans; jewelrymakers and sculptors, most notably.


Those with the power of telekinesis are able to move objects through only the power of their mind. Exactly what they can move depends on their level of power; beginners can only move small objects, while masters and sages may be able to move very large ones.


Camouflage is not total invisibility. Those who have this power are able to blend in with their surroundings, much like a chameleon or octopus, but they can still be detected if they move around too much, or if they're bumped into.


Perhaps more of a mutation than an actual power, some are occasionally born with wings, even those that have no natural magic. They can range from feathered to more batlike, leathery things, and those who possess them can fly—however, there is a tradeoff. Winged creatures tend to have light skeletons and very fast metabolisms to compensate for all the energy needed to lift themselves off the ground. For this reason, they're swifter and more frail than their non-winged counterparts and tend to make good scouts. This does not apply to creatures who naturally have wings and some sort of innate magic to make them functional, such as dragons, but rather to animals that normally would not possess them otherwise. Animals who are born with this power have stubs that do not begin to grow until they have begun to use magic, either innately or with a valui.


Increasing physical strength based on level.


Increasing physical speed based on level.


Increasing agility based on level.


The ability to speak to others mind to mind. Those with telepathy may also be able to read minds, but most cannot do so undetected; it's hard not to notice someone prying into your brain unless they're powerful enough to be sneaky about it. Very strong telepathy users are able to communicate over extremely long distances, while those who lack such skill cannot project as far.


Shapeshifters are able to rearrange their bodies into almost any combination of parts that they desire. However, low-level users are capable of much less than higher-level users are; a sage may be able to turn into a massive, firebreathing dragon, but a beginner would be incapable of turning themselves into something much bigger or smaller than their natural form is.

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