Levels List


Users of this skill level cannot truly use magic; they have the capability to, either innately or with a valui, but they lack the training to do anything with it. Typically, very young children occupy this category—or even adults who have received no instruction whatsoever. This is the only level that has no stages; once any training is received, the student enters the Beginner level.


By the time a user reaches the Beginner level, he or she is capable of casting weak magic. However, Beginners are unskilled and their attempts at spellcasting frequently go awry, particularly among the younger students. With practise, they refine their abilities, but their spells remain weak; they may be able to summon breezes or light fires, but small things like that remain the extent of their power.


An Intermediate magic user is, if training starts young, usually an adolescent or young adult. By now, weaker spells have been mastered and the student has much greater general control over his or her abilities. As well, by this time students' particular areas of expertise within their elements have begun to show.


Adept level is the 'typical' range of skill for adults and elders. Those of this level have firm control over their element; their magic very seldom goes awry and they are capable of stronger feats than an Intermediate user.


Only those who have received a great deal of training ever reach this level of skill. Masters have perfect control over their abilities; manipulating their element comes as easily as breathing, and their magic is much stronger than an Adept's. They are capable of very fine work, but a spell cast at full strength would be devastating.


There are very few sages on Mara. Always elders, these are individuals who have worked their way up to a level that seems almost godlike to most creatures. To encounter a sage is an extraordinarily rare event, and they are held in the highest regard. After all, it takes many, many years to attain this sort of power.


Some characters may not have any form of magic—they were not born with the potential to use it on their own, and nor do they have access to valui. There is nothing to stop them from learning how to use a valui, of course, but for one reason or another they do not have one. For example, most of the Aequitas would fall into this category.

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