About Groups

1. Though Aetherius already has two official groups to start with, there may come a time when we decide to open up applications for another. If this happens, staff will make an announcement in the form of an MOTD and board post. From here, you may fill out the group application and submit it to staff for approval.

2. After your application is approved, you will have a few weeks to get everything together. You will have ample opportunity to set up your @group, create any necessary characters (if they don't already exist), and start getting settled in.

3. Because Mara is an island, there are some rather tight geography restrictions. While we certainly don't mind you taking over unclaimed lands, such as the Exaequo region, most of its habitable surface is, well, inhabited. Therefore, you can't build an enormous jungle kingdom for your group to reside in.

If another group leader is willing, the two of you may elect to start a territorial war. However, if nothing is available and the group is not nomadic or based out of an already inhabited area (such as a gang of some sort in Aduro Aurum, for example), your application will likely be declined and placed on the backburner until such a time when something is freed up. Generally, staff will not open applications until there is enough room, so this shouldn't be a problem.

4. As a group leader, it's required that you be reasonably active. People have lives and can't be on 24/7 to RP, but those that can't RP at all shouldn't be group leaders in the first place! We will not obsessively monitor the time you spend logged in and take away your leadership status if you've only been connected for nine hours and fifty-nine minutes and the minimum weekly requirement is ten—instead, we monitor your /actual/ activity on the game. This also means that if you're connected 24/7 but spend 95% of your time idling about, a leadership position is likely to go to the person who only connects for that ten hours a week but spends 95% of their time involved with the MUCK.

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