Elements List


Those possessing the element of Fire are capable of controlling flames and heat. They can manipulate it as they please, for anything from lighting torches to, at higher degrees of mastery, causing magma to erupt from the ground. They tend to have an unusual tolerance, even an affinity, to extremely hot temperatures, and some have been known to engulf themselves in their own flames without ill effects. City-dwellers with this element are typically fighters, either part of the watch or in the princeps' own guard.


Users of the element Water typically have a great love for the rivers and sea. They can control both freshwater and saltwater, and some have talent for manipulating it into ice. A higher percentage of Water users than any other element are gifted with healing, though whether this is related to the element itself or is simply a coincidence is unclear. Usually, Water users within Aduro Aurum help to oversee the hydration of the city. This can take the form of anything from directing water into the reservoirs to keeping the plants lush during more arid months. However, those who wish it may also choose to work as part of the city guard, as ice in particular can be a dangerous thing to reckon with.


Wind, tornadoes, and even hurricanes are all the domain of Air elementals. Manipulating the weather comes easily to them, at least at higher degrees of mastery; Beginners may not be capable of summoning anything but a weak breeze. They cannot control water, but it is possible in a sense for strong Air users to do things such as call rain—depending on the clouds that are nearby, they may be able to pull a cooling shower or even a torrential thunderstorm to their location. Once it's there, however, the only way to stop it is to send the cloud on its way again. Some who possess this element can make gusts that are forceful and concentrated enough to really hurt a person. Air elementals don't fit into any one niche, though some make excellent guards.


The element of Earth is not all-inclusive; those who possess it cannot control any aspect of their environment. Instead, they specialise. Some have the ability to shape rocks and dirt; powerful users can cause earthquakes and turn themselves into mud. Those who command this aspect of the element tend to be architects, helping to raise buildings out of nothing. A higher percentage of primates have this magic when compared to other types, either through their own choosing or because they're born naturally with it, and so they, typically, do most of the construction. However, any species may possess it and help to oversee the maintenance of the city.

Some Earth users may have a different affinity: one for controlling plants and trees, either by coaxing them to grow at accelerated rates or simply manipulating them at will. Many of these individuals are artisans, growing flowers and grass to make the city look better; they also tend to be excellent hunters, however, since causing a branch to fall at an opportune time or sending vines around the ankles of an unsuspecting deer can be very useful in catching prey.


The element of Light is an exceptionally rare one—it does not seem to attach itself to valui, and the odds of an innate magician being born with it are extremely low. Users of it, however, are able to manipulate any sort of light to their advantage, and in the past they have traditionally been regarded as messengers from Akasha.

This element is a restricted one, and will be limited to staff-approved TPs only.


As with Light, the element of Darkness manifests itself rarely, if at all. Darkness users command shadows, but they are not always associated with evil.

This element is a restricted one, and will be limited to staff-approved TPs only.


The source of all magic, and all life. Only Akasha possesses this element, and precious little is known about it on Mara, only that it weilds the properties of sound. There are only passing mentions of it in one or two old books that are of little interest to anyone but the most curious of scholars.

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