Magic is sometimes referred to by the proper name 'Chakra' (chak-rah) and never as "his" or "her" chakra. (IE: He used Chakra. He made fire with Chakra.)

All elements are linked specifically to a location in the body, and those who use an element will feel the magic emanate from the area that their element stems from. For example, an earth user would always focus on their feet in order to create their power. At first, this behaviour is almost like patting your head and rubbing your tummy; it is awkward to think about everything around you and also be focusing on the feeling in your toes!

In the case of a valui user, the effect is the same but the energy is channeled (in the case of earth) down through the toes, and then back up through the valui before it manifests. This is why a lot of valui owners wear their valui close to their elements' body part. Earth users wear anklets, water users wear tail rings, fire users wear chest armor, and air users wear necklaces. As you gain more control of your element, the distance of the valui (as long as it is worn) will have less and less effect. Master users notice no difference at all.

The element/body part relation is as follows:

Crown Time Element specific to Aionios and future seers.
Brow Light/Dark
Throat Aether
Heart Air
Chest Fire
Spine Water
Feet Earth
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