Savages. That is how most outsiders view the Aequitas, and, indeed, the workings of their culture seem alien and frightening to most. They are a society built upon brute strength, with their leader, the imperator, decided by prowess in battle. They disdain valui and all who use it—most notably the temple. Centuries ago the ancestors of these warriors served the priests in the ancient city of Arcis, but the temple has long since fallen out of favour with them, and they with the temple. Although they worship Akasha, their vision of the goddess is much different than Aduro Aurum's; the Aequitas claim that the priests had angered her, and were the cause of Arcis' destruction. They blame the temple for the widespread decline in innate magic. Living on the fringes of Maiestas, in the scrubby region of Sitis, they wait for an opportunity to destroy their enemies within the city. Will they succeed? They haven't in hundreds of years. But they have not given up.

Ruled By: Pirus and Coepi

Current Events
Accepted Species

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