Aduro Aurum - Military Structure

Aduro Aurum's military structure is laid out similarly to that of the Roman legions, although it is a loose basis, adapted with the lesser population of an island in mind, and is very simplified. There are five subdivisions of warriors in the army, called phalanxes; each subdivision, made up of sixty warriors, has its own commander.

Members of the first phalanx are known as praetorian guards. The praetorians are the very best soldiers that Aduro Aurum has to offer, and serve as personal guardians to the royalty and nobility within the palace.

The ranks themselves are as follows:

1. Ductor
2. Primus
3. Tertius

The ductor, or general, is ultimately in charge of all the city's troops. Ranking just below the princeps and rector, he oversees Aduro Aurum's army day to day and commands and coordinates the five phalanxes in times of warfare.

The primus ("chief") is second in command to the ductor, and the head of the praetorian guards. He is considered to be of a higher rank than the tertii and may command them in the event that the ductor is unable to do so.

The tertii (singular "tertius"), meaning third, serve below the ductor and primus as leaders of the other phalanxes. Each phalanx is given a number, one through four; the praetorian guards are the exception to this convention. The tertii and their four phalanxes form the backbone of the army, as they compromise the vast majority of its numbers.

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