Combining what may be a familiar theme with a new, original plot and cast of characters, Aetherius is based off of the world portrayed by Lauren Makena's graphic novel "Guardians." It features sentient, non-morphic animals who are capable of wielding elemental powers, and whose level of technology, as a result, is somewhere around that of ancient Rome.

Although tied with the Guardians universe, the setting of Aetherius is an isolated one, far from the mainland where the comic takes place. Mara is an island filled with heretics, corrupt priests and many levels of deceit; it is a place where there is always more than meets the eye.

Aetherius is a new MUCK that is still in its early stages. Most feature characters are available, and there are a great many roleplaying opportunities for original characters as well. Consider trying the game out and help us grow!

To connect you will need telnet or, preferably, a MU* client. We suggest SimpleMU, or Savitar for Mac users.

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